Common questions about Rygbee

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  • What is Rygbee Campus?

    Rygbee Campus is an A.I. powered highly personalized "research assistant" for faculty and students, who are working on their projects/research or thesis dissertation/papers. It boosts up your research, analysis, and compilation process through real-time suggestions of highly curated resources across multiple disciplines, just when they are most required. It does so by understanding and predicting how you are thinking, as you keep coming back to your project and extend/explore further.

  • What if I am not an academician or student? Is Rygbee for me?

    Absolutely yes. We are going to release Rygbee Enterprise soon, specifically for enterprise researchers, analysts, strategists, and product executives. Currently you can still use Rygbee Campus. When Rygbee Enterprise is released you can port your account effortlessly. Just mention your enterprise information for now and you are good to go!

  • Why not just use Google/Google Scholar or Quora?

    Google/Scholar or Quora are great when you know exactly what you are searching for - i.e. specific short questions. All you need is the description/explanation, or papers having those keywords, or the answers. However, lot of times during research, we do not know what exactly to look for or question. Stimulation and ideas can come from places unexpected or unexplored; many times from very different sub-disciplines. And, search engines are not really designed for this. They are also not meant to learn how your thinking process and your subjective needs are evolving as you move through various phases of your research. Think of Rygbee Campus as your personal, highly curated grocery store that does door delivery of just what you need the most, at the right time. Google/Scholar or Quora, on the other hand, is great for a "one-shot" understanding of a certain concept or question. You do not form a relationship with them, while Rygbee gets smarter the more you use it!

  • So is Rygbee Campus yet another scholarly recommendation engine?

    That would be a very limited way of using Rygbee Campus. For any serious researcher, there is not much real use of getting flooded by paper recommendations, if there is no actionable analytics. The primary goal of Rygbee is to offer you various different problem-specific analytical filters, without flooding you daily. You can specifically discover works that are tackling same problem as yours, or those having diverse approaches, and can check novelty by filtering those having similar approach. You can filter papers based on quality of publication venue. Another extremely important feature: Rygbee adapts to the way your project and your personal, highly subjective sense of usefulness evolves. So yeah, it is not a Netflix styled recommendation that's going on. And the best part: it dynamically detects whether you want to explore into diverse themes or whether you want to dig deeper down. This is very important to support the various stages of your project life-cycle.

  • Why not ResearchGate or

    Rygbee is not designed to help you network and socialize among the research community, for which you might want to look into ResearchGate/ (or similar platforms). It is also not primarily meant to disseminate and showcase your "post-production" work to the open community. Rygbee is your research assistant that keeps working with you, enhancing your research productivity while you are busy at your desk or in your lab.

  • What are resources?

    Resources are research articles, recorded talks of conferences/workshops/tutorials/summer schools, domain specific blogs and magazine articles, online courses, wiki references, etc.

  • What is ryg-up?

    You ryg-up when you are in the process of drafting out some thoughts, and feel the need of boosting your thoughts by studying some useful relevant resources. You should definitely attach what you like to your idea page, so that you can refer to them when you work on your idea in the future.

  • So, do I have to start my projects from scratch?

    Absolutely not. We understand that much of your work are already in existing platforms such as Google Drive and Dropbox. Rygbee syncs perfectly with them, helping you to import your projects effortlessly. You can also upload your files from your computer.

  • What if I am working on a project as a team?

    With the team feature, you can add your advisor, students, or collaborators to your project idea and keep recommending resources (found by both Rygbee bot and other teammates) to each other.

  • Will I be able to look into other user's work, and perhaps collaborate?

    No, until either the user shares his/her idea with you through an invitation email and adds you to his/her team.

  • Do I have to pay?

    Rygbee Campus is highly subsidized for academia. We charge so that we can bring more magic to the product. We promise it's never going to pinch you ... you would most likely be spending 30 times more on your morning coffee in a month! :-) ... If you are a professor you get a 30-days free-trial. You can avail a 20% discount for next one year by referring Rygbee to your colleagues, and getting 5 of them sign-up. Do not forget to join the "Rygbee-for-free" campaign that will help us to convince your department to get it absolutely free for you. If you are a student you get a 1 year free-trial. You can extend the period for additional 2 years (provided you are still student) by referring Rygbee to your classmates/professors, and getting 10 of them sign-up, within 1 month of your account activation