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How Rygbee works

  • Keep drafting your ideas/observations/analysis

    Easy privacy-enabled thought-journaling with upload/import from Google Drive/Dropbox/etc.
    Rygbee gets better as a research assistant by understanding your work-in-progress.
  • Get assorted triggers across domains as Rygbee evolves

    Suggests personalized and highly curated papers/blogs/lectures with actionable filters.
    Adapts to your evolving need for diversity vs specificity and your personal preferences.
  • Share your findings with like-minded peers/mentors

    Invite comments/feedback on popular social network.
    Attach and share suggestions that you love.

Why not just use Google/Google Scholar?

  • Get problem/approach/evaluation specific curation

    Detects various aspects of your work-in-progress and suggests accordingly. Not just papers. Conference recordings, online courses, and blogs are very important too.
  • Get started with your cross-discipline exploration

    Innovative approach can come across fields. Boosts up your lateral exploration and creativity.
  • Get a research assistant who keeps learning how you work

    Detects whether you now want to dig deep or explore. Suggests according to your subjective and varying sense of utility.

Great ideas come from the unexplored and unexpected.
Let's not miss them!

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