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How Rygbee works

  • Keep drafting your ideas, observations, analysis

    Easy privacy-enabled thought-journaling with upload/import from Google Drive/Dropbox/computer. Select Creative Common License for your work.
    Rygbee gets better as a research assistant by understanding your work-in-progress.
  • Get assorted triggers across domains as Rygbee evolves

    Suggests personalized and highly curated papers/blogs/lectures with actionable filters.
    Adapts to your evolving need for diversity vs specificity and your personal preferences.
  • Evolve your work by collaborating with your team.

    Invite your adviser, students, collaborators on Rygbee. Share your recommendations. Keep track of your work-in-progress easily.
    Rygbee simulates team interactions, thus making your research lighting fast.

Why not just use Google/Google Scholar?

  • Get problem, approach, evaluation specific curation

    Know who else is working on the same subject-of-study. Check novelty at an early stage.
  • Get started with your cross-discipline exploration

    Innovative approach can come across fields. Boosts up your lateral exploration and creativity.
  • Get a research assistant who keeps learning how you work

    Detects whether you now want to dig deep or explore. Suggests according to your subjective and varying sense of utility.
  • Thought boosting blogs, courses and lecture videos

    Not just papers. Conference recordings, online courses and domain specific-blogs are very important too.

Researchers from more than 100 universities are already using Rygbee

  • IIT Kanpur

    University of Pittsburgh

  • University of Missouri
    –Kansas City

    IIT Hyderabad

  • IIIT Delhi

    University of Bonn

  • Emory University

    University of Texas at Dallas

  • DA-IICT, Gandhinagar

    Boston University

  • IIT Delhi

    IIIT Hyderabad

Great ideas come from the unexplored and unexpected.
Let's not miss them!

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